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Winter collection 22

We’re welcoming winter with the comeback of our cozy overcoats! I love the crisp autumn mornings, but winter here in the highlands is another kind of cold. During these cold days, I rarely go outside without an overcoat.

These winter coats are bright and cheerful for the days when you feel like a warm hug. Slip on one of these coats and you’ll be snug and smiling, even in the cold.


I’ve always been a collector, especially when it comes to textiles and fabrics. It’s something that’s been passed down through my family. When I first started sewing I would hit my local Op Shop for some fabric and inspiration. As soon as I see a piece of fabric I love I’ll grab it and either tuck it away for a future project or I’ll already have an idea in my head.

When I saw the bright colours in these beautiful vintage wool blankets, I just knew a winter coat would be the perfect creation. And of course, I could already picture Louie stomping through the paddocks wearing one.

These beloved vintage blankets, which have been handed down for generations, often bring back nostalgic memories. I’ve had many customers stop to share their memories of the blankets they had as a child. My favourite memory is of a customer sending me her late father's blanket to make a coat for her new grandchild.

I'm passionate about up-cycling fabric. Up-cycling is recycling fabric that has already been created, as opposed to creating a new fabric from scratch. By reusing fabrics already out there, we help minimise textile waste and turn something no longer needed into a wearable garment.

You can look forward to a blog post every Wednesday right here. You’ll find ramblings on the importance of slow fashion, style guides, my recent collections and much more. Want to connect? Follow along on Instagram for daily updates! @jemidee

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