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Behind The Scenes - Making a patchwork dress.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hello! Today I’m taking you behind the scenes in the making of our Patchwork Bloomer Dress. The Patchwork dress is one of my favourite pieces to make. Even though it is the most labour intensive, it scratches all my creative itches! This photo series gives you a closer look at the various elements that make up each dress.

Each dress is made with its own unique patchwork elements, I usually start by selecting the fabric offcuts I want to use. Once I’ve chosen the fabrics, I’ll cut these into nice squared pieces and start deciding where each piece of fabric sits on the dress. I love playing around with colours and patterns during this time.

The pieces are then sewn together until I end up with a big enough square to form the skirting of the dress. I then sew the pockets on each skirt piece and join the front and back together. Pockets are a must! Because, who wants a dress without pockets? No one!

The top of the dress is super fun to play with. By choosing the right colours to feature on the top, I’m able to make those same fabrics really stand out in the skirt. I usually choose my favourite fabrics here.

Next up, I gather the skirt piece to match up with the top length. Now I can sew the top and skirt together and finish up the dress.

As a designer, I get excited about new designs and I love to share that excitement . That's when I knew that it was time to document the making of this dress. The process from concept to creation has become so joyful to me. I hope that you can catch a glimpse of that joy in this short journal post.


You can look forward to a blog post every Wednesday right here. You’ll find ramblings on the importance of slow fashion, style guides, my recent collections and much more.

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