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Humble beginnings.

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hello and welcome!

Ebony here - designer and maker of all things Jemidee. I’ve been working on this little blog for sometime now as a way to document life, business and everything in between. Before I start spilling the beans on all that resides in my head, I thought an introduction to myself and business should be made.

About me -

I’m the granddaughter of a dressmaker on both sides, thus my passion for sewing is one that has been passed down through the generations. I have cherished memories of being taught how to draft a pattern, use a sewing machine and watching my mother working tirelessly on a patchwork quilt. These memories have formed my story and created a love for design and textiles. I first began designing and making clothing as a hobby which has now become my lifeblood - Jemidee.

Business -

Jemidee started small and is growing at a sustainable pace. I launched Jemidee at local markets alongside makers that inspired and emboldened my passion. My designs embrace slow fashion, with collections emerging at a pace that suits me and my family. From fresh linens in spring and summer, to blanket coats in winter, these pieces are versatile and made to be layered and worn trans-seasonally.

Background -

The name Jemidee is borrowed from my grandparent's farm, where my family and I have adored memories. This much loved place, has now become a home with my husband Jake, son Louie, beagle Brody. The farm is located on the southern highlands, down a winding dirt road, nestled amongst the rolling hills. Living on a rural property, it’s hard not to be submerged in a slow life. This brings a calmness to my work and has given me a backdrop of inspiration.

On the horizon -

While days roll by, I’m Invigorated by the open spaces and fresh air. Winter is heading our way and as the weather cools, my winter coats are looking mighty warm. I'll be dropping my first collection of winter coats online in the next two weeks! (Sign up to the mailer to see them first)

Want to hear the rest of my journey? You can look forward to a blog post every Wednesday right here. You’ll find ramblings on the importance of slow-fashion, style guides, my recent collections and much more.

Want to connect? Follow along on instagram for daily updates!

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